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    Argentina Elects 'Anarcho-Capitalist' Javier Milei President
    Iranian-Backed Houthi Rebels Seize Israeli-Linked Cargo Ship
    Biden Policies Sent More than $50 Billion to Iran, World's Leading Terrorism Sponsor
    South African Miners Surface After Being Stuck Underground Amid Labor Disputes
    Biden Administration Sanctions Hamas-Affiliated Individuals, Entities
    India's Supreme Court Rules Only Parliament Can Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
    One Dead, Two Wounded In Knife Attack on 'Global Day of Jihad'
    Damage to Finland's Gas Pipeline Appears to Be From 'External Activity'
    China Attempting to Draw U.S. Into Four Separate Wars, One With Terrorist Group
    American Airlines Pilot Union Calls for Flights to Israel to Be Stopped
    Sinaloa Drug Cartel Has Secretly Banned Fentanyl
    Swiss LGBT Group Celebrates Jail Sentence Given to Writer Who Called Journalist a 'Fat Lesbian'
    Former House Democrat Starts Lobbying Firm, Will Receive $25k/Month From Ukraine
    UN Calls For Multinational Force To Stop Haitian Gangs
    Poland to Stop Supplying Arms to Ukraine
    TikTok Influencer Gets Two Years in Jail for Saying Islamic Prayer Before Eating Pork
    UN Has Provided $1 Billion More to Ukraine Than Afghanistan
    Thousands Protest In Greece Over Biometric ID Cards
    Biden Administration Knew Saudis Were Slaughtering Migrants, But Chose Not To Address It Publicly
    Transgender UK Parliament Member Proposes Sending Ukraine Condoms, Lubricant
    Italian General Fired for Book Saying LGBTQ People are ‘Not Normal’
    Bella Hadid Labeled an 'Israel-Hater' by Security Minister