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Argentina Elects 'Anarcho-Capitalist' Javier Milei President

'Today begins the end of Argentina's decline,' said the economist during his victory speech

Argentina has elected a self-described anarcho-capitalist as its new president.

Javier Milei is a 53-year-old economist who made frequent television appearances denouncing government spending and political elites. On Nov. 19, he won over 55% of the national vote and defeated Economy Minister Sergio Massa. 

“Today begins the reconstruction of Argentina. Today begins the end of Argentina’s decline,” Milei said in his victory speech, per Le Monde. “Argentina will return to the place in the world which it should never have lost… There is no room for gradualism, half-heartedness or half-measures.”

“If we don’t make structural changes quickly, we’re heading straight for the worst crisis in our history,” the president-elect added.

Milei has promised to make “drastic changes” to the government, including adopting the U.S. dollar as the national currency, banning abortion, closing the nation’s central bank, and ending diplomatic relations with China.

The former lawmaker has openly supported former President Donald Trump and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro – earning him the labels of “right-wing,” “populist,” and “far-right.” His economic views were shaped by the teachings of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek of the Austrian School as well as Alberto Benegas Lynch, a professor at the University of Buenos Aries who founded the Center for Liberty Studies.

“Even if we conclude that Milei is a libertarian, that does not tell us much about how he will govern,” wrote Matt Zwolinski for Project Syndicate in October. “While all libertarians are committed to private property, free markets, and limited government, those ideals are subject to an extraordinarily wide range of interpretations, allowing for moves in either a progressive or a reactionary direction.”

“Milei’s opposition to legal abortion, for example, is probably a minority position among US libertarians, most of whom believe that women have a right to sovereignty over their own bodies,” added Zwolinski. “But pro-life libertarians like Milei would argue that the unborn child has rights, too.”

Milei will take office amid serious economic hardship in Argentina. Inflation has reached approximately 140%.

Libertarians in America have celebrated Milei’s election. Milei has been heavily criticized in the media for cloning his beloved English Mastiff named Conan and discussing his sexual preferences. He has also been falsely accused of wearing a wig.  

The president-elect is scheduled to take office on Dec. 10.

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